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Our Vision

Our mission is to bring minorities and nontraditional business owners together in unity to utilize our business expertise in order to create access in the entertainment industry, enhance economic development and give back to our communities.

Who We Are

We are an advocacy organization that makes changes for the betterment of nontraditional businesses in the entertainment industry.

We are a 501 (c) 6 that is comprised of minority, nontraditional and traditional entertainment event professionals, forming our inclusive and diverse national network and unique approach to issues within the entertainment industry. Our members extend throughout the United States, ultimately creating a national alliance of event professionals in the entertainment industry.


The US Minority Ticketing Group (USMTG) is the voice of small entertainment business, advocating on behalf of America’s small and independent business owners. USMTG is nonprofit, nonpartisan, and member-driven.



We address state and national legislative initiatives that provide barriers to minority businesses and consumers, as well as supporting initiatives which assist our members' business growth. We have an expert legal team that helps address these issues and supports initiatives that enhance business growth and economic development for our members.


Business Opportunities

We develop partnerships with other entertainment associations, corporations and business owners to position members in a national network of professionals. We use the sum of our joint power to grow our individual businesses, as well as develop additional ventures.




We work with other brokers and businesses in the ticketing, entertainment and sporting industries to achieve our goals and provide business opportunities. We are currently working on various partnerships to ensure that our members will have access to capital, resources and services throughout the country.

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In order to achieve our three core goals, we offer various services and benefits to our members in order to grow their businesses and overall enhance their livelihood. The USMTG is non-profit and member driven. All membership fees go directly towards funding benefits and services for our members.