The US Minority Ticketing Group works alongside our sister organization, the US Minority Ticketing Group Scholars (USMTGS).

USMTGS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the futures of youth of color by providing scholarship, mentorship and resources in our communities. USMTGS is a 501 (c)(3) organization founded to provide financial and material resources to youth of color in our various communities throughout the U.S.

Provide Mentorship

We believe that all youth deserve equal access to educational resources that nurture and ensure their futures. We provide mentorship programs, scholarship opportunities and other financial resources.

Create Community

We believe in the power of community and seek to establish relationships between youth and mentors. Our work connects communities of young people on local and national levels.

Build Futures

We believe in the futures of our youth. We believe that young people deserve to create the future they envision. We believe youth of color are the leaders of their futures and know their needs better than anyone else. Our work centers the voices and experiences of youth of color through advocacy.


Our Beliefs

We believe in the power of youth and seek to amplify and support their personal and professional needs, growth and success. We believe that all youth deserve equal access to financial, educational, material and emotional resources and therefore provide the necessary resources to create and nourish the thriving futures of our youth.

What We Do

We work in alliance with USMTG (the U.S. Minority Ticketing Group), a national coalition of minority ticketing and entertainment event professionals. Our alliance with USMTG creates relationships between youth of color, people of color in the entertainment industry, organizations and businesses that span nationwide, which in turn offers mentorship and guidance throughout various communities. We accomplish these goals by partnering with local organizations who are already involved with the youth in their communities. We believe that the people and youth in their local communities know what they need best. We seek to grow long-term relationships and partnerships with other organizations.


Next Steps...

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